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If you don't see your favorite liner, there is a reason. To be included, these ships had to weigh in at at least 10,000 gross tons, carrying at least 100 passengers. Exceptions have been made, and they are noted within.




Illustrations credited with a (pv) means a private collection where the person does not wish to be named. Those who wish to be named, will be named. Those with an (mc) is from my collection. As the broad strokes get filled in, proper citations will show up in the text, and if you feel I've erred, show me your notes, and I'll show you mine.




Basic particulars on these ships came from the multi-volume series Great Passenger Ships of the World by Arnold Kludas and corporate publications. The list of artists was generated through a plethora of magazine and newspaper articles, corporate publications, with a good deal confirmed by David Hendrickson.  




The slideshow contains titles I've read during this project. They are worth the time to track down.




The images on this site are for educational purposes only. Any copyright infringement is unintended.





The following have provided one or more of the following: their time, information, moral support, advice, a kick in the pants, what have you. It is deeply appreciated.


Charlie Brock (National Gallery of Art), Carla Burge, Arlan Ettinger (Guernsey's), Dr. Andrea Owens Fifield, Max Glenn, Anne Halpern (National Gallery of Art), David Hendrickson, Allan E. Jordan, Janis Keough, William King, Bill Lee, Jane Lovstuen, Musa Mayer, Bernard Perlin, Sharon Pritchard, Kristy Raine, Gina Rybkowski, Ann Salviazul, Angela J. Schmidt, Michael Schreiber, Jordan Steckel, Mira Jedwabnik Van Doren, Barbara Voulgaris (MARAD Historian)



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