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I first got into ocean liners upon learning my great-uncle's mother-in-law was a Titanic survivor. This was elementary school; 4th or 5th grade. (Never met her, as she had passed before I was born; family said she never talked about it.) 


So, after reading whatever I could get my hands on regarding Titanic, I started over with the broader topic of ocean liners, gaining an extensive library in the process. Eventually, my focus turned to American ships.


Several years ago, while packing up for a move, I started to notice, in my collection of steamship ads, artwork in the photos of the public areas. After an exhaustive search, which begat a list of dozens of artists, I realized I had not come across a one-stop source for this material: American art on American ships.


Yadda, yadda,  yadda, and here we are.


I welcome your feedback. If you feel I've erred in something presented, show me your notes, and I'll show you mine.



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